So much to do in Paris
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You might be surprised to know that Paris is known for much more than the PISC! While you’re here, please enjoy visiting our magical city of lights, history, art, architecture, wine, cheese and croissants.

We’ve even made it easy for you - the festival is directly on metro line 1, which stops at the Arc de Triomphe (10 min), the Champs-Elysées (15 min), the Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries garden, the Louvre (20 min), Paris’s Hôtel de Ville and the historic Marais district (25 min).

If you get up early enough, you could see 1, 2, 3 or 5, 6, 7 attractions in one day!

For your stay, if you want to be an elevator ride away from the dancefloor, deals are available at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile via the PISC website.

For the best deals outside of the host hotel, check out Couchsurfing, AirBnB and Booking, or visit the Facebook group where you can find a roommate among the hundreds of internationals who come to PISC !

Line 1 connects to lines 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14, RERs A, B and C, and tram lines 2, 3a and 3b. There are also a number of buses that stop right near the hotel. If you’d rather not be at the Hyatt, just make sure you’re close to one of the public transportation options that will get you to the PISC!

Finally, for your train and plane tickets, don’t forget that this is Easter Weekend! This means that for most of you, there’s no reason to rush home, you can fully enjoy the Sunday night party, and even stay for the afterparty on Monday. On the other hand, tickets prices will be rising quickly, so make
sure to book yours as soon as possible!